How to get a Residency Permit in Antalya, Turkey

I get many messages from readers asking about residency permits in Turkey, despite the fact that I’ve already written two posts about it. Since I just renewed my permit and went through the procedure again i thought I’d write a straight forward how-to post about it. Please keep in mind that these specifics apply only to Antalya; other areas may have variations.

1. The first thing you need to have is a vergi numarasi, or tax number. I think this is comparable to a social security number on the U.S., because it’s a prerequisite to everything.
To get your vergi numarasi in Antalya you go to the Vergi Dairesi Başkanliği,on Defterdarlik near the Devlet Hastanesi (State Hospital). The building is confusing; you will have to keep asking for directions u til you find someone who knows where you need to go.
You must have your passport and your Turkish address with you, preferably on your lease. Write down your new number on a business card or something and put it in your wallet.

2. Take your vergi numarasi and your passport and open a Turkish bank account. You may have to have a Turkish person help you, because most banks won’t open an account without a residence permit (but you can’t get a permit without a bank account). I went over this in my October 2011 post about getting internet set up.

3. You must have a certain amount in your Turkish accoun t for each month you wish to reside in Turkey. For an American, it’s $500, or 1000Tl. It varies by country, so you’ll have to look up the specifics, but this is a good estimate.

4. Make copies of your bank statement, your passport page with your photo on it, and the page with your visa and entry stamp. Take those copies, along with the originals and 2 passport size photos to the Emniyet Mudurlu (police station) in Uncali. It’s easy to find – it’s a large, baby-blue complex on Uncali Bulvari.

5. After passing through security look for signs with the word yabanci (foreigner). This will lead you to the right place. ( They recently moved everything around, so there’s no point in telling you that right now it’s the very first window, because it may move again.) Show your passport and get a number, along with some papers to fill out. One paper has English, Russian and German translation, the other is only in Turkish. If you can’t read it just write “tourism” on it and they’ll figure out the rest.

6. Wait for your number to flash above the windows. Try to arrive at 9:00am, when the place opens, unless you want to spend all day waiting. When it’s your turn, hand over all your documents. If everything is in order you will be handed a piece of paper with the amount of lira you are to pay. (If everything is not in order you may need someone to help you. One would think that, with all the Turks in Antalya who speak a second language, people hired to work with foreigners would speak some English, but alas this is apparently not a prerequisite for this job.)

7. Take your piece of paper inside the building and look for a door with a sign for “Maliye”. There will be two lines, and you must get on the left one. When you get to the front of the left line, hand over your paper and receive another paper. You must have your vergi numarasi at this point, which is why I told you to write it down and keep it in your wallet! ( If you didn’t, and you submitted the paper with the number on it with your documents, you’ll have to go back to the previous stop to retrieve the number.) When you get the new piece of paper step over to the line on the right, where you will hand over that paper and pay your money.
Now here’s the funny part: there’s just one guy at the end of both lines, bopping his head from one window to the other. Why he can’t do the whole transaction at once (making you wait on only one line) is a mystery. Seriously, if you get on the right line first he will insist he can’t help you until you reach him via the left line. It’s like a Monty Python skit.

8. After you pay your money, take the receipt back outside to the window where you left your documents. Exchange that receipt for a piece of paper with the date on which you are to pick up your new residency permit.

That’s it! Easy peasy! Hahahahaha!

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3 thoughts on “How to get a Residency Permit in Antalya, Turkey

  1. good to keep this, Ellen. That said we have very helpful police in Ortaca who really do make the process easy.

  2. Just a tip, if your married, you may want to stagger your registration day so that instead of needing $6,000 for each ($12,000 total), you can get by with showing just $6,000. Just make sure when you open your bank account it has both your names on it.

    Also, I was able to open an account with TEB without a resident visa.

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