I only fell once on the climb up the travertines of Pamukkale. I thought that was pretty good, considering I was walking uphill, barefoot, on slippery wet rock. “Pamukkale” is Turkish for “cotton castle”, and the formations do look somewhat like cotton, but more like a snow-covered mountain. “Travertine” is English for  ”sedimentary rock formed […]

Antalya : Monuments and Memories

Antalya has become such a popular vacation spot that it was the third most visited city in the world in 2012, after Paris and London. Most of the tourists seem to come from cold climates and choose holidays in Antalya for the sunshine and warm weather.  They often stay in 5 star “all-inclusive resorts” , […]

Top 10 Things I’ll Miss about Living in Turkey

I recently moved from Antalya to San Diego to be near my elderly parents. Interestingly, when I told my Turkish friends why I was moving they uniformly responded, “of course you have to go”.  My American friends’ reaction was more like “are you sure you want to do that?”  Just another example of cultural difference. […]

How to get a Residency Permit in Antalya, Turkey

I get many messages from readers asking about residency permits in Turkey, despite the fact that I’ve already written two posts about it. Since I just renewed my permit and went through the procedure again i thought I’d write a straight forward how-to post about it. Please keep in mind that these specifics apply only […]

The Hotel Del Coronado

While visiting my parents in San Diego this summer we spent a few days in the Hotel del Coronado for a beach vacation. Since I only visit once a year from Turkey I tend to stay a while, and we like to break up the time with a get-away. Last summer we went to Santa […]